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Our firm provides legal support for businesses.
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Have you developed your own business?
We help with initial structuring, finance, operating, and marketing systems to foster profitable tax effective operations.  We provide general counsel and representation in contracting, insurance, staffing, compliance and collection.

Are you involved in a business dispute?
When your business is under attack, we will represent you in resolving the conflicts - at the conference table, in arbitration or in court.

Are you trying to develop your business for the next generation?
We work with family owned and operated businesses to develop growth and to create a succession plan.  Simultaneously, or separately, we assist in creating an estate plan that is most beneficial to you and your family now and for the future.

Are you planning to develop, market or sell a commercial business or real property?
We are able to help with acquisitions and sales of commercial properties.

Are you a Condominium Board Member?
We view Condo and HOA problems for what they are - business problems.  But we understand that these problems have to be solved by volunteers.  We offer a free two hour certification course to all Association Members to help you focus on the efficiency of your business, and help you with procedures and forms that eliminate wasted time and double effort.

Please contact our office to discuss how we can assist you, the best approach to take, and what our fees will be for your case.  We offer various pricing options, including fixed pricing or hourly, depending on your needs.  All pricing and costs will be agreed with you before any work begins.