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Condominium Associations

We view Condominium Association problems for what they are - business problems.  Our Firm understands that these problems have to be solved by volunteers.  We offer a free Board Member Certification Course to help you focus on the efficiency of your business, and help you with procedures and forms that eliminate wasted time and double effort.

Our condominium association services include the following:

  • Condominium Board Member Certification Course
    • Provide state approved Certification Course for free
    • Course prepares members for elections, budgeting, financial reporting, and reserve management
    • Ensure Board members are competent in operation of Condominium Association
    • Maximize Board efficiency
    • Increase value of Association and home

  • 40 Years Building Inspection Requirements
    • Verify your building complies with Miami-Dade County requirements
    • Ensure inspection is performed timely
    • Avoid fines and unexpected expenses
    • Assist with hiring licensed professional engineer or architect to perform inspection
    • Find and contract with contractors to perform necessary work
    • Submit the appropriate reports to the Building Official

  • Construction Defects
    • Assist in hiring an expert to perform evaluation of the building
    • Help association understand the nature and extent of any defects
    • Determine all parties responsible for defects
    • Establish amount of recoverable damages
    • Negotiate and settle claims
    • File notice of claims
    • Ensure compliance with Florida Statutes

  • Screening New Tenants
    • Verify your documents allow you to screen
    • Determine who you are allowed to screen: unit owners and/or renters
    • Ensure the association is not violating the Fair Housing Act

  • Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals
    • Help you understand the difference between the type of animals
    • Assist in applicable regulations for animals and their owners
    • Understand the questions you are allowed to ask tenants
    • Navigate animal disputes

  • Other Condominium Association Matters
    • Association Documents
    • Contract Disputes
    • Board Representation
    • Board Governance
    • Covenant Enforcement
    • Arbitration Proceedings
    • Litigation
    • Construction Matters
    • Special Assessments
    • Collection of Maintenance Fees
    • Financial Report